Guarantee! Quality! Security!
Guarantee! Quality! Security!

About the company
FIRE TIME - Ukrainian national network of companies.

The following companies are part of the FIRE TIME network - "VOGON CHASU" LLC, "FIRE TRADE" LLC, "LYON 88" LLC. FIRE TIME specializes in the sale of non-food products (lighters, batteries, glue, razors) throughout Ukraine.
The main philosophy of FIRE TIME lies in the creation and development of high-quality, convenient and maximally safe lighters for the pocket and household segments. During the entire period, FIRE TIME closely cooperates with its partner XINHAI GROUP - a recognized world leader in the production of lighters.
XINHAI GROUP is the world's largest manufacturer of pocket and household lighters. The culture and traditions of the enterprise allowed us to achieve high-tech results in production that meet all the requirements of international quality standards. This is confirmed by relevant international certificates for the production of high-quality and safe products.
FIRE TIME and XINHAI GROUP implement joint developments in production aimed at creating popular, convenient and safe products. Our cooperation is based on mutually beneficial relations that give productive results.
Advantages of FIRE TIME

Stability: the supply plan is carried out in advance, which in turn is based on the factory's production plan for one calendar year ahead.
Quality: high product quality is achieved through the use of high-tech production equipment. Multi-level quality control ensures reliable and maximum long-term use of the lighter.
Safety: the guarantee of product safety is one of the company's important and priority tasks. The lighters are high-quality and safe, which in turn is also confirmed by international quality certificates.

Innovations: constant expansion and rotation of the assortment, improvement of existing models and development of new innovative products.
Experience: our experience is based on many years of work with pocket and household lighters. We know and understand the expectations of our consumers and always strive to meet the expectations of our trading partners. Our products are presented in all modern sales channels.

It is known to consumers for its high-quality TM Lion and TM Chic lighters. The network of companies was founded in 2009. During this time, FIRE TIME was able to win the trust and love of its consumers and confidently take the position of leader in the segment of lighters with a wide range of applications.