Sponsored lighters EURO 2012

Official manufacturer and supplier of lighter "EURO 2012" - the company Fire Time and studio "Lion Design"! This formal and logical outcome announced first national sponsor of UEFA EURO 2012 - national network construction and business hypermarkets "Epicenter K" competition for the production of branded lighters "EURO-2012".

TM MAJOR Kazakhstan.

One of the most convenient ways to buy lighters wholesale is an online store which number is increasing year by year. Now the Internet you can buy almost any product and delivery to any city, you can buy wholesale lighters Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov.
Typically, such purchases made by large companies who use these devices as corporate gifts. The process of shipment bought lighters can be carried out on the composition of a particular company or the selected client transportation.

Lighter MAJOR popular in Ukraine!

Today lighter Major is very popular in Ukraine. The interest and public demand for this brand is growing rapidly due to originality lighter models, wide range and perfect quality of their production.

Company Fire Time - official representative of TM "VARTA"!

Fire Time Company became the sole official representative of TM "VARTA" in southern Ukraine.
TM "VARTA" among the top five global markets for primary batteries and more than 100 years of German consumers ensures quality and reliability of its products. Join VARTA together with Fire Time!

Innovation TM Major - New Aroma Lighters

Company Fire Time reports that in March 2011, a collection of lighters "Aroma" replenished with new positions. Besides the already well-known and popular lighters Aroma Aroma Apple and Banana go on sale new entries: Aroma Peppermint, Lemon and Aroma Aroma Vanilla. Drawing on the body by mechanical action (friction) leaves on the fingers of a pleasant aroma of mint, lemon or vanilla and neutralize the smell of tobacco.