About production


1.  Produced on the European equipment

2.  Calculated more than 2000 ignitions

3.  Their quality is confirmed by European certificates

  • The first company, which started to be engaged in development and production of plastic lighters in China; is the leading companies in the production of lighters in China;
  • The company operates according to the standards ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB / T28001-2001;
  • The largest manufacturer of lighters in China with an annual production volume - 800 million units;
  • Has 14 factories, more than 200 engineers and 400 technicians;
  • The quality of products is guaranteed by advanced equipment and technology, all lighters comply with ISO9994;
  • The first public company producing lighters in China.

The company "Xinhai" was founded in 1993 by Mr. Huang Xinhua with registered capital of 240,000 USD. Due to resource constraints, "Xinhai" had to buy expensive equipment, so as to ensure product quality, management "Xinhai" decided to strengthen the management of production and professionalism personala.Blagodarya persistence management system and quality products "Xinhai" reached the top in the production of lighters China. Business "Xinhai" is continually evolving and sales are increasing rapidly.

Today in the Xinhai has more than 200 engineers and 400 technicians. "Xinhai" has become the largest manufacturer and exporter with annual production of about 800 million lighters. The company's products distributed in more than 80 countries and regions. Now Ningbo Xinhai Electric Co., Ltd. three production bases in Cixi, Xuyi and Shanghai.
Production base in Cixi includes 13 factories annual production to 600 million lighters.

  • The total area of the production base in Shanghai 42,000 square meters;
  • "Xinhai" place in Shanghai its HR and marketing center for the acquisition of the most qualified staff and modern equipment;
  • Within 5-10 years "Xinhai" develop a new generation of environmentally friendly products in Shanghai;
  • "Xinhai" has its own production base of plastic sprayers;
  • The total area of the production base in Xuyi 218,120 Risunok12kvadratnih meters, the planned production volume 1000000000 lighters;
  • With the help of modern equipment and the work of qualified managers and technicians, the company "Xinhai" will be here to produce high quality products at a lower price;
  • In Xuyi company "Xinhai" build their basic capacities for lighters;
  • The company "Xinhai" is the owner of the territory of 150,000 square meters in size in the Bay of Hangzhou;
  • "Xinhai" beginning here the construction of three factories for the production of lighters;
  • "Xinhai" install modern equipment;
  • The company "Xinhai" plans for 5-10 years to reach production volumes 3 billion lighters with most major elements of their own manufacture;
  • Take a leading position in the market thanks to modern technology and qualified personnel to Shanghai;

Internal market: the total volume of the domestic market 6000000000 lighters. The company "Xinhai" to continue the development of this market using its own brand and expanding the distribution network.
International market: "Xinhai" to distribute the product under its own brand using the client distribution network, as well as produce products for customers.


  • Step-by-step "Xinhai" develop automatic and semi-automatic production, to improve product quality, reduce costs and improve delivery time.
  • "Xinhai" to standardize parts lighter, to improve production efficiency and quality to maintain stability.
  • "Xinhai" Combine fixed valve flame and new materials to increase competitiveness.
  • The company "Xinhai" will develop its capacity for innovation, improve production technology and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights.

"Xinhai" has many certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB / T28001-2001



“Xinhai” GB/T28001-2001